Commercial Grade Licence Free Two Way Radio

General Details

Commercial Grade Licence Free Two Way Radio (Discontinued)

The IC-F25SR is the successor to the best selling IC-F22SR and retains the simplicity and functionality that made the original so popular. However, there have been some dramatic improvements, including a stronger construction to withstand rigorous usage. The IC-F25SR is also 5% lighter weighing only 300g. For the security conscious there are 2-types of optional voice scrambler units available giving advanced security when required. To top it off, the IC-F25SR includes a large capacity, Lithium-Ion battery pack (2000mAh) as standard to provide an incredible 26.5 hours of operating time.

Mil-specification rugged construction, strong industrial design
The IC-F25SR is smaller and lighter than the IC-F22SR, weighing 300g and measuring 53x195x38mm.* The IC-F25SR is designed to withstand serious industrial use and is tested to MIL-STD specifications.
*Includes antenna

26.5 hours* of operating time with standard large capacity Li-Ion battery pack.
The IC-F25SR is supplied with BP-232N 2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack (provides up to 26.5 hours* of operating time) and BC-160 desktop rapid charger as standard. Lithium Ion batteries provide larger capacity and a longer operating time than a Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery pack and allow flexible charging without memory effect.
Typical operation; Tx:Rx:Stand-by duty cycle=5:5:90

Simple operation
The IC-F25SR series retains the simple user-interface of the IC-F22SR series: 3 buttons (upper, lower and PTT) and a rotary channel selector provide all the required functionality without fuss. The IC-F25SR has a 16-position rotary selector with pre-programmed memory channels. CTCSS (or DTCS) group code are programmable. Channel 16 is preset as a scan channel.

Optional Voice scramblers are available
Two types of optional voice scramblers are available for the IC-F25SR to provide the user/organisation with secure communications. They are the UT-109 (Non-rolling type) and the UT-110 (Rolling type) voice scrambler.

Smart ringer
The IC-F25SR features an answer-back function that checks whether the receiver is within the communication range by emitting a ringer sound.

Wide range of accessories available
A wide range of accessories are available. The IC-F25SR series shares many of the same accessories with the Icom ‘F’ series of handhelds.

IC-F25SR Additional Features

  • Speaker-microphone jack – connect an optional speaker microphone or VOX headset.
  • Call ring function … allows you to send a ringer tone
  • Power save function
  • Low battery alert
  • Time-out-timer function
  • Monitor function
  • All reset function
  • TRI colour LED shows operating condition with green/red/orange colours
  • Radio-to-radio cloning capability


  • AD-106 : Adapter
  • BC-119N : Charger
  • BC-121N : Multi-charger
  • BC-145 : Adapter
  • BC-160 : Desktop Rapid Charger
  • BP-230N : Li-ion battery
  • BP-232N : Li-ion Battery
  • BP-240 : Battery case
  • CP-17L : Charger Cable
  • EARPIECE.003 : Ear Piece
  • HM-153/L : Hand Microphone
  • HM-158L : Hand Microphone
  • HM-159SC/L : Microphone
  • HS-94 : Headset
  • HS-95 : Headset with Boom-mic
  • HS-97 : (Earphone with Throat-mic)
  • MB-93 : Belt Clip
  • MB-94 : Belt clip
  • MB-96F : Belt clip
  • MB-96N : Belt clip
  • OPC-474 : Cable
  • OPC-478UC : USB Cable
  • OPC-515L : Cable
  • OPC-656 : Cable
  • UT-109 : Scrambler
  • UT-110 : Scrambler
  • VS-1/L : Vox/PTT switch unit
  • VS-1/L : Vox/PTT switch unit




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